Terms and conditions of sale

The bedrock of trade negotiation

Terms and conditions of sale

They act as a contract between the seller and the customer

These conditions of sale are subject to change at any time without notice. Acceptance of and compliance with these conditions of sale are deemed to have been acquired upon confirmation of the reservation.

The customer undertakes for a fixed period and may under no circumstances avail himself of any right to remain in the premises, the confirmation email taking the place of contract. The duration of the contract may not exceed 90 consecutive days.

Stays are guaranteed only by receipt of all sums for the stay.

To make a request for stay, a credit card imprint will be requested, it will serve as a deposit, it is a pre-authorization in case of problem. This pre-authorization is valid for up to 7 days after the stay.

Property reservations are subject to review and approval, i.e. guests can request to book provided they agree to the conditions put in place (price, payment policy and cancellation policy), but the owner must still approve each booking manually.

After conducting an availability search for a cottage, the customer is invited to fill out a booking form. The customer will be able to follow the instructions for payment by credit card. Stays are guaranteed only by the receipt of all sums for your stay. The customer will receive by e-mail a confirmation of payment for the reservation.

All sums for the stay must be paid at the time of confirmation of the reservation. It corresponds to 100% of the total price of the stay, and can be paid online with a credit card. It is from the receipt of the payment that the reservation will be firm. The payment of the payment implies acceptance of these general conditions.

Payments are made through an encrypted connection, to secure the transaction. The secure payment system allows many payment methods, with the highest security standards to protect bank data.

A deposit will be required. It will be established by a pre-authorization of an amount of 500 € from a credit card on Stripe's secure servers, without collection or direct debit, and will be returned within a maximum period of 7 days after the end of the stay, according to the law in force.

The residence tax is established on persons who are not domiciled in the commune and do not own a residence there because they are liable for the residential tax. The residence tax must be paid by the tourist staying in one of the following accommodations (Hotels, Tourist Furniture, Campings, Marinas, Guesthouses...). It is indebted to the host, who in turn will pay the final sum to the commune or the community of communes.

LES BRUYÈRES : Accommodation classified 2 stars, the rates are set at 0.99 €, per night and per adult.

LA GLYCINE : Accommodation classified 2 stars, the rates are set at 0.99 €, per night and per adult.

– The customer can make a request to modify his stay (Dates, Number of travelers) by email or phone, or from the page contact.

– Depending on the host's policy, changing the number of guests and/or booking dates may affect the total cost of the stay.

– If the host agrees, the change will be applied. In case of difference in amount, the customer will be invoiced or refunded, as the case may be.

– If the host refuses the request or does not respond, the reservation will not be modified.

Any cancellation must be notified to the owner.

– If the cancellation occurs 30 days or more before the beginning of the stay, the sums incurred are refunded up to 100% by the owner.

– If the cancellation occurs less than 30 days before the start of the stay, the sums committed remain acquired by the owner.

– In case of shortened stay, the price corresponding to the cost of accommodation remains fully acquired by the owner. If the tenant decides to leave the accommodation early for personal reasons, no partial refund is automatically due by the owner.

Before the start of the stay, if the owner cancels the stay, he must inform his client by email where a default by phone. The customer, without prejudging remedies for the damages that may be suffered, will be reimbursed immediately and in full the sums paid.

LES BRUYÈRES : The arrival time is from 4pm.

LA GLYCINE : The arrival time is from 5pm.

A secure key box is available for late arrivals. A 4-digit code will be communicated before the arrival of the customer.

LES BRUYÈRES : The departure time must be before 11am.

LA GLYCINE : The departure time must be before 11am.

In case of absence of the owner, the keychain must be placed in the secure box. The departure time is set at 11 am maximum, and for organizational reasons it is absolutely not possible to be flexible, unless previously agreed with the owner. In case of abusive overrun, a supplement may be claimed by the owner, up to 50% of the night, according to the pricing policy put in place.

LES BRUYÈRES: The customer can park a vehicle free of charge on the public domain, in front of the house, but he must make sure to park in front of the stone wall so as not to hide the visibility from the neighbors.

LA GLYCINE: Free parking on the private domain just in front of the accommodation (the customer must park well along the house, so as not to prevent parking in the neighborhood) or free public parking on the street.

The cottages are fully cleaned between each tenant, however tenants are asked to clean the appliances after use. They must be returned in the state of availability to the customer. Tenants are asked to use common sense in the use of the various appliances and furniture provided. The cleaning of the premises is the responsibility of the tenant during the period of stay. If necessary, a cleaning kit is present in the cottages.

The respect of a certain art of living is required of all travelers to guarantee the tranquility of the place and the comfort of all. Children living inside and outside the accommodation are under the sole responsibility of their parents or legal representatives. The tenant must ensure the peaceful nature of the rental and make use of it in accordance with the destination of the premises.

The tenant of the cottage undertakes to adopt a responsible and reasonable attitude to energy consumption.

– The customer undertakes to switch off lights, electronic appliances and equipment when not in use, and to set the heating appropriately to avoid wasting electricity.

– The tenant undertakes to be careful with his or her water consumption during the stay, avoiding unnecessary consumption. In addition, it is imperative to comply with any water restrictions in force, in accordance with local regulations and government recommendations.

– The customer acknowledges and accepts that it is strictly forbidden to recharge electric vehicles on the gîte's electrical installations and undertakes to make the necessary arrangements to recharge electric vehicles outside the premises.

In the event of non-compliance with these practices, we reserve the right to take appropriate measures, including financial measures, to cover the additional costs incurred.

This reservation is established for the number of occupants mentioned, i.e. 4 people maximum and 1 baby for each cottage. If the number of occupants is higher, the owner can refuse additional people or accept them for an additional fee. Any modification or termination of reservation will be considered at the initiative of the tenant.

– The tenant is fully responsible for all damage occurring during the rental period as a result of their actions, those of their guests or any person present in the property with their permission.

– The tenant is required to be insured by a holiday insurance policy covering the risks associated with holiday letting. This insurance must be in force throughout the rental period.

– Holiday insurance must provide adequate cover for property damage, accidents, civil liability and any other risks that may arise during the tenant's stay.

– In the event of failure to comply with this insurance requirement, the tenant accepts full responsibility for all damage occurring during their stay, and may be required to reimburse the full costs associated with such damage.

– Pets are generally not permitted, except in the specific case of assistance dogs for people with disabilities.

– The accommodation offered is strictly non-smoking in accordance with current regulations.

Very high-speed WIFI access is available free of charge. The name of the network and its access code will be communicated before the arrival of the tenant.

The user agrees to comply with French law and in particular to:

– Do not use this access for the purposes of reproduction, representation, making available or communicating to the public works or objects protected by copyright or by a neighboring right, such as texts, images , photographs, musical works, audiovisual works, software and video games.

– Do not use Peer to Peer downloading software considered illegal on French territory.

– Do not consult sites that violate personal dignity, have a child pornography or degrading nature, incite racial hatred, or constitute an apology for crime and violence.

– Not to divert, use or divulge electronic messages and not to install systems designed to carry out such interceptions.

Linen is provided. The beds are made before the arrival of the client.

LA GLYCINE: 4 towels, 2 shower outlets and 2 tea towels are available. Autonomous arrival with a secure key box, TNT, very high speed WIFI and connected TV that offers the possibility to identify with Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube and Disney + services with travelers' personal accounts.

LES BRUYÈRES : 4 towels, 1 shower outlets and 2 tea towels are available. Autonomous arrival with a secure key box, TNT and very high speed WIFI.

Automatic promotions are offered by Audrey & Fred :

– 10% discount on stays from the 7th night.

– 30% discount on monthly bookings, i.e. 30 nights.

LES BRUYÈRES : Siret N° 880388566 00015 Trade and Companies Register (RCS) Cherbourg-en-Cotentin

LA GLYCINE : Siret N° 913553624 00010 Trade and Companies Register (RCS) Cherbourg-en-Cotentin